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Life Coaching and Mentoring are both processes which  enable you to take where you are right now in your life in general, career or business and develop a Strategy and Action Plan just for you based not only on your dreams and ideas, it is based on your values as well. Learn More…

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Carol Gerber’s journey is a true example of following your instincts. Her entire working career has been one of constant change and up-skilling. All of her varied experience and knowledge she now harnesses to work as a Coach, Mentor and Strategist often writing of inspirational and empowering articles and programmes. Carol’s personal goal is to be a catalyst for constructive and lasting change, bringing purpose and contentment to the lives of others.  Learn More…


For ease of reference, I’ve created categories for my services. Within these categories there are packages based on what clients usually require. If however, you find that you may want to tweak a package, send me an email and we can discuss what your particular needs are.

As human beings I honestly believe that we have become more and more detached from what it is that makes us unique. We don’t understand our feelings or how our minds work. We feel ineffective in solving what appear to be simple life problems. Socialisation has us following the herd instead of forging our own paths.

Your inner struggles eventually do find their way into your external life, potentially creating even more challenges for you to deal with. The result of all this is that you feel even less able to cope or make effective decisions.

There is a solution.

Life Coaching is a powerful process that allows you to really get to know yourself. You are able to make better decisions based on your wants and needs. Creating a clear path for yourself frees you from the negative emotions, allowing you to express your potential, no longer feeling stuck in a life that someone else has created for you. If you want to experience this kind of freedom, Life Coaching is the answer.

Registered MentorRegistered Coach 

As a company that is dedicated to supporting and inspiring women entrepreneurs in South Africa, has gone from strength to strength the past couple of years due to Business Coaching received from Carol Gerber. Carol assisted me to reconnect with the purpose and vision for Xtraordinary Women. We set realistic and achievable goals and within 4 sessions, I had clarity on our goals as well as a business, marketing and action plan, as well as budget and cash flow analysis.

Our engagement with carol was so successful, we approached Carol to become a chapter leader of our Blouberg Network Chapter as well as our Saturday Network. To take their businesses to the next level. Xtraordinary Women would not be the success it is today, without Carol’s unique blend of business savvy and experience as a life coach.

Gwen Kloppers
Founder of Xtraordinary Women

Carol is a very professional and engaging coach. Our staff have enjoyed working with her and as a management we have sen tangible results following our egnagement with her.

She truly has the ability to guide persons into setting their individual goals in order to facilitate personal growth. This aligns with our own values as a business specifically in cultivating a culture of learning, our endeavours to stimulate personal growth and to engage in various skills development initiatives for our staff, so that they are the best they can be as both individuals and team players for Schoeman Tshaka Attorneys.

Nicolene Schoeman-Louw

When I first met Carol, I was very taken by her soft nature yet firm approach to getting things done.

At one point when I was having problems with certain aspects in my business, Carol gently coached me through them.

Carol has been successfully involved in the goal setting part of my diaries, the M.O.M and W.O.W diaries for the past two years.

Alison Deary
M.O.M Diary

Carol, winning a coaching session with you was truly a valuable prize. Thank you for my coaching session. it was so good I obviously came back for a further session on admin and streamlinging my thinking and business financial plan/documentation.

The session with you helped me put my worth down on paper and was the catalyst to me new billing system. I value your input into my business immensely and feel very blessed tat I won the initial prize – it’s amazing how the universe puts us in the right place at the right time. I wish you many blessings and am sure I will watch as you and your team grow from strength to strength.

Robyn Lambrick
Owner of Word on the Street Media

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