Don't give upRetain-A-Coach

Throughout our lives we retain experts and consultant to guide us through a number of challenges. I know I could not manage without my Accountant, “IT Guy”, “Website Guy” or Graphic Designer.

When it comes to the most precious thing we own, our lives, we tend to wing it. To Retain-A-Coach allows you to tap into a process that will enable you to take that step into getting clarity in your life.  You will be giving yourself permission to expand your perceptions and live your life according to your needs.


When you work with me you get to:

  • Vent about what is currently bothering you – Why? Frustration, anger & fear are all emotions which potential cloud perspective on any given situation. Venting clears your physically, emotionally and psychologically aspects of being. This allows you to re-look at your current perspective of a situation and in so doing take the first step to finding a solution to the challenge you are facing. This does of course take place within certain boundaries.
  • Openly discuss alternative strategies – The value of this is I don’t have a vested interest in your everyday life. Yes I do want you to achieve your goals as effectively as possible; however your decisions do not impact on me at all, which means that any feedback is guaranteed not to be tainted. As much as the people around us mean well, any advice they may give is sub-consciously filtered by their own needs.
  • Accountability partner – Having chosen to work with me does mean that you are entering into a process of change. Change is scary. Fear of change can lead to reverting back to old habits and thought patterns. To limit this, I keep you accountable to your action plan. When something is not working, you have someone to talk to. I am going to ask the difficult questions, I am also going to give you a safe place to explore your options.
  • Encouraged to Grow – Personal growth and mastery are almost side effects of the coaching and mentoring process. Through the process you get to know yourself better, you understand where your strengths lie; you have a better idea of where to focus your energy.
  • Faster Results – Working on your own can be frustrating. It’s sometimes difficult to see the tree for the woods. You can also get stuck in the same thinking that led you to where you are. Coaching and Mentoring provides opportunity for to tap into someone who can provide you with ideas and processes, allowing you to move forward swiftly and with new insights into yourself and the challenge you may be facing.

Whether you have a specific challenge that you are facing or a general feeling of frustration, Retain-A-Coach is an impactful intervention geared at fast tracking solutions, enabling you to learn and move forward.

How does Retain-A-Coach work?

  • 60 minute intake session (face-2-face at my office or via Skype depending on your location)
  • Bi-monthly email check-in
  • 30 minute session every month via Skype
  • 45 minute wrap-up session (face-2-face at my office or via Skype depending on your location)
  • Includes relevant coaching exercises

What are the options?

3 month program – fee R815.00 per month

6 month program – fee R750.00 per month

Rates and structure of program may be amended without prior notice

Contact me to discuss your coaching needs