Life Coaching and Mentoring are both processes which enable you to take where you are right now in your life in general, career or business and develop a Strategy and Action Plan just for you based not only on your dreams and ideas, it is based on your values as well.
I combine both these modalities because I believe that at different times in the process of creating a strategy, you need different input. At times you need someone to listen, play devil’s advocate, and ask questions aimed at assisting you in focusing your thoughts. On another level, occasionally you may need advice from someone who has experience and possibly even walked a similar path to you. That is when you are able to tap into the wisdom of someone with more experience than you in a specific area.
My goal is to help clients understand how the impact of negative emotions and internalised external perceptions about the life or career path they are currently on, combined with a lack of self-trust, are potentially sabotaging them. Once clarity and understanding has been achieved, we work on creating a new path which allows them to develop their potential and to break free from what has prevented them from living their best lives.
When you have a clearer understanding of your circumstances, personality style, value structure, external pressures, and how your behaviour impacts on your success, creating goals in line with what you want to achieve becomes easier. Your action plan, broken up into smaller tasks, becomes doable and with time and effort you will achieve success.

In summary, Possibilities Coaching is an effective process to deal with:

  • Feelings of frustration.
  • Difficulties in deciding what the next step forward should be.
  • The feeling that your dreams are fading away.
  • Feeling disconnected from daily life.
  • No longer feeling as if your work adds value.

It assists you in getting past those barriers by helping you to:

  • Gain perspective.
  • Understand what truly motivates you.
  • Identify your strengths.
  • Understand your personality style and the behaviours linked to it.
  • Reach goals that are authentic to you by teaching you an Effective Action Planning process in order to do so.

It is also useful in helping you to:

  • Create a personal development plan allowing you to master your personality style and thus your behaviour.
  • Make well-thought-out career changes.
  • Establish or grow your own business.


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