The Enneagram is an ancient methodology, providing a holistic snap shot of how you currently present yourself and an understanding of what your defensive areas are.

Insight into your personality and being able to work with both your strengths and weaknesses is the first step in any focused and productive self development process.

As an accredited Ennea Accredited Practitioner I guide you through the content of your report, providing you with a safe space to mull over the findings and assist you on your personal journey of self discovery and development.

What information does the report give you?

  • Enneagram Profile – an holistic overview of the 9 personality styles or “way of being” and how they currently “show up”
  • Energy Centres – Instinctual, Intellectual, Emotional: the 3 modalities we use to process what we experience and how we make decisions
  • Social Drives –
  • Emotional Resilience – refers to ability to adapt when under stress. Are you able to “roll with the punches” or does stress reduce your ability to function.
  • Personal Mastery – there are 6 factors which we generally focus on and give insight as to how you have progressed on your personal journey

How does the process work?

There are 2 options available to you:

Option 1 – Completion of the questionnaire, an electronic copy of the report & a debrief session (session takes between 1 and 2 hours).

Fee: R2415.00 (terms available) or R 2175.00 if paid in full

Option 2 – Option 1 PLUS 6 month Retain-A-Coach program

Fee: R6915.00 (terms available) or R6225.00 if paid in full

Rates and structure of program(s) may be amended without prior notice

Contact me to discuss your needs