About Your Life Coach

I am often asked why I left behind a successful career in the corporate sector to become a Possibilities Coach – my self-coined term for what you may know as a life coach. The answer is simple – I wanted to transform people’s lives by making coaching accessible, affordable and a lot less time-consuming.
Most of us are super busy these days. In the process, we do not always have or allow ourselves the necessary space to evaluate where we are going with our lives. The sad truth, however, is that being busy is what gets us stuck in the first place. It is also what keeps us locked into the same routines which often do not yield results. Eventually we start to feel frustrated about our careers and the life we have created.
This is the reason that I am absolutely passionate about working in a field that is built on the basis of always looking and moving forward. As a Possibilities Coach I am able to serve as a catalyst for constructive and lasting change in my clients’ lives. I do this by helping people change their perspective regarding challenges they may be experiencing, providing them with the tools needed to make important changes and better decisions for their own well-being. Bringing purpose and contentment back into people’s lives are what drives me.

My Journey

Like everyone who eventually reaches that watershed moment in their lives, I had to undergo my own journey of self-discovery to gain a better understanding of how I could equip others to live a life filled with enthusiasm.
For me that journey started in 1993 as a young graduate with a BA degree (majoring in psychology) in hand and a somewhat vague plan to become a child psychologist.
That decision would see me working as an Educare teacher for 18 months as I tried to determine if I truly loved working with children before furthering my studies in psychology. Midway in 1995 I did a career 180 and applied for a position as an Accounts Clerk instead. The idea was that if I could master the management of accounts in a business environment, I would be better equipped to run a business in future. A few years later an opportunity arose to join another company unintentionally enabling me to add Human Resources (HR) to my skill set. My enthusiasm for HR and willingness to step outside of my comfort zone soon earned me the position of HR Manager for a group of five companies.
After five years in this position and more than seven months pregnant, the unthinkable happened – I was retrenched along with a number of other employees. After taking a few months to consider my next step, I decided to start my first business as an HR consultant. I was specialising in disciplinary hearings, managing payrolls and writing policies and procedures for companies. I was utterly bored. At about the same time my marriage also fell apart. I was slowly sinking.
When the opportunity arose to work in the corporate sector again, this time in an administrative position, I did not hesitate to take up the offer. Fate soon stepped in to ensure that this decision would lead me straight to my vocation. It happened very slowly. I wanted to study something new and also started noticing that employees often came to me to discuss their career path goals and ask advice on how to develop skills to reach those goals. The ability to assist people in this manner ignited a fire in me that made me want to help others too.
Initially I thought counselling was the best study option. While doing research on where to study, I came across Life Coaching. Following this new found passion, I completed a Coaching to Excellence and an Associate Coaching course at the UCT Graduate School of Business. In between all of this I remarried and settled down to what I thought would be a normal, if uneventful life.
In 2010, once again frustrated by the confines of corporate life and realising that climbing the corporate ladder no longer appealed to me, I finally took the risk, resigned and started my own coaching practice. While it took some time to get here, I now realise that the long path I took to find my calling provided me with the experience I needed to be able to assist my clients today.

Interested in engaging with Possibilities Coaching?

If you’re interested in Possibilities Coaching and want to engage with a tell-it-as-it-is coach with a sense of humour and firsthand experience of what it means to be drifting along, drop me a line.